Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Space, the Final Frontier

No, not a Star Trek post, kids.

Space has always fascinated me since I was but a wee lad. Maybe it's the whole "uncharted world"-ly vibe that makes it so interesting, like there's a gazillion of things waiting to be found there right there in the infinite blackness.

Kind of like the sea way back when, explorer dudes such as Marcopolo and Christopher Columbus setting sail into the unknown hoping to find something new. (...and gold). Difference is, the Marcopolos and Columbuses of today wear big-ass white suits with helmets. Guess we could call Space the "modern" sea, huh.

Come to think of it, we could have lived in a Space Age right now! Back in the 1960s, Space WAS all the rage: Sputnik. Apollo 11. THE SPACE RACE. Star Wars. Star Trek. Moonraker (the James Bond movie, not the Bandung-based biker gang). Peope actually thought that they're going to live in outer space in the near future, in space stations, the moon and all that. Though the fad unfortunately wore out after Apollo 11, one can wonder what the world could be right now if the Space Race did continue.

Got the pics from a site called HubbleSite, which my homo friend found using this website called Stumble Upon. Got chills just by looking at the three nebula pictures up there.

Here's to hoping in the next 10-20 years some genius (AHEMSHELDONCOOPERAHEM) finds a way to build a spaceship. If not, well I'm hoping for a breakthrough in time machine department, haha.


your not homo friend said...

nice work bro.
I too, am waiting for The Wolowizard to come up with Space/Time/Dimension Travel thingamajigs

Anonymous said...

Wow.. my head is spaced out just by reading this and seeing those picture.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures i must say.

ps: do you mind with star trek? they're great u know...hahaha..