Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Avengers Assembled?

Incredible Hulk was awesome.

Kayaknya akhir2 ini gw ngomong awesome mulu deh haha. I'm not going to review the movie but allow me to say: now THAT is how a Hulk movie should be made! Jedar jeder jeger bum bum duaaar (okay that made me look like an idiot)! Pure destruction, pure fun!

Aaaaniwei, one of the most interesting part is the last scene before the credits (ya iyalah sebelom credits, makanya namanya last scene, haha dodol)...



Seperti yang kita tahu (atau tempe. ALAH BASI!) apalagi abis scene after credits-nya Iron Man, Marvel bener2 nyiapin film The Avengers dan kayaknya niat banget haha.

Okay. Ehm. Last scene. You know, the one with the general AND Tony Stark? I found one of the lines very interesting:

"I hate to say 'I told you so' general, but that super soldier program was put on ice for a reason."

Aha? Aha? Get it? Captain America was supposed to be a product of the super soldier program, he was frozen on the Arctic before getting extracted and joining the Avengers! Besides that there are numerous references to Captain America on the movie, especially regarding the super soldier program when General Ross tells the origin about the Hulk to Emil Blonsky.

Originally there was supposed to be a scene where Bruce went to the Arctic to kill himself, but ended up finding the Cap instead. The scene was deleted, however, but will be included in the DVD (DVD asli pula, kaga sanggup gw belinya). Stupid reason though, IMO.

Thor should be out in 2010, Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 and will be followed by The Avengers movie later the same year. Expect more crossovers, I'll say. More of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more eyepatched Samuel L. Jackson.

I think the next Marvel movies are going to kick so much ass, there will be no butts left to kick.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Next Level

The new Nike Football commercial is frickin' awesome! Pure mindblowing creative awesomeness.

It tells the story of (or rather shows, to be exact) this unknown Dutch football player dude rising through the ranks of his football career: from playing in his local league, being scouted by Arsene Wenger to play for Arsenal FC, to representing his country in the recent Euro 2008 football competition.

What sets this commercial apart from other football commercial is that it is shown entirely from the player's point of view, giving us the chance to at least get a glimpse on how it feels to play the game; on the field, with those big players.

The commercial is directed by Guy Ritchie and features numerous cameos by superstars of the sport playing beside and against the unseen Dutchman such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ruud van Nistlerooy, Ronaldinho, Cesc Fabregas -- even a fight with Marco Materazzi.

This clearly blows away the Adidas Jose+10 commercial from way back in the 2006 World Cup. It's great, but this is just awesome. Period.

Check it out:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a Piece of My Mind

Hatiku gundah. Hatiku curiga.

Lho lagu Sherina dong?

I think I’m going to write about something a bit more serious this time, not to mention it’s a sensitive topic. I’m not one to write in-depth or anything, and originally I don’t plan to write anything about this… but eh what the heck. I'll try to make this as uncomplicated as possible! Doakan saya ya! Eh warning warning toletoletolet (ceritanya bunyi sirine) sama sekali ga bermaksud untuk ngikut orang gitu gara2 lagi pada nulis tentang ginian. It’s just a piece of my mind.

Anyway, steel yourselves lords and ladies because it is…


So Islam is supposed to be this pacifist religion, right? I’m a Moslem, and we are supposed to spread and practise the “message of peace”. Tapi kok kalo misalnya gw lagi ngedengerin khotbah Jum’at gitu, isi khotbah yang gw denger (mayoritas) ga jauh2 dari mencemooh dan menyudutkan agama tertentu. Bukannya menyebarkan “message of peace” tapi malah “message of hate”. And to top it all, pas mo Solat Jum’at lagi!

I attend an Islamic school since my childhood days (waktu itu gw masih botak dan gigi gw kayak Chipmunks! Imut deh! 8D) dan gw bisa bilang kelamaan di environment seperti itu bisa bikin pandangan lo terhadap dunia sempit priwit, sama aja dengan cara lo mandang suatu masalah. Yak ga bermaksud nyuwombong sih (walopun gw emang keren dan funky), gw sih selalu mencoba untuk “open minded ajyah” (kayak kata pacar lama saya Mariana Renata di iklan Lux jaman film Janji Joni dulu… Ah Marianaaa… *drools). Keliatan lah kalo kita terus2an “diajarin” aka. subliminal messages kalo this specific religion is bad, that kind of race ain’t good, atau this nation acts against our religion’s interest and therefore must be eliminated at any cost.

Ahhh… (desahan yang aneh -_-)

And suddenly I ended up in a drastically different environment, dimana temen2 gw kebanyakan agamanya berbeda sama gw. Trus? Ga kebukti tuh kalo apa yang dari dulu “diajarin” ke gw bener. Sometimes I feel more comfortable hanging out with them than with the people dari komunitas gw yang sebelumnya. Doesn’t mean that they’re bad or anything, tapi “orang2 baru” ini (istilah doang) lebih terbuka dan yang lebih penting, mereka lebih menerima perbedaan.

I guess I bore you already, huh? Maap yak! Hehehe.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love Islam so much, I believed it with all my heart. Gw seneng sama aja ajaran2nya. Yang gw ga suka tuh (beberapa kelompok dari) umatnya. Sepertinya yang mereka pikirkan cuma cause destruction towards the non-Moslem community dan menegakkan supremacy of their own twisted version of Islam.

Sayangnya gw belom bisa bilang gw Muslim yang baik hehehe, secara sholat gw masih bolong2 dsb, kadang2 malesnya masih suka mendominasi -_- Still a long way to go for me I guess.

You know, one of my biggest fears is that I live in an age where Moslem are hunted down like a plague. An era where my very existence is wrong just because I believed in this religion. And you know what? If the rest of the Moslem community keeps these acts of violence up…

…that age may not be far off.