Friday, July 3, 2009

The Change We Need

A Palpatine-Darth Vader tag team for the top spot of Indonesia's government would be the best thing ever.

Sure, this country probably won't be a republic anymore, stormtroopers will patrol the streets 24/7, and planets will be blown to bits with a giant Moon-sized superweapon.

What's not to love? Plus, the military would look like this:

Move along, citizen

For once we'll have a strict and stern leader, one who's capable of taking action! Yes, he's older than my grandma...

WTF u mean old, bitch!?

...but he's still able to do this:

Die Punjabis die!!!

Awesome, right? Criminals are zapped, justice will be served, and he does it in style. Bite me if that doesn't make Indonesia a safer place to live!

Running beside Palpatine is none other than his personal boy toy Ani Skyw... Darth Vader. Oops, narrowly avoided a Force Choke there, see?

Vader's personal Star Destroyer (or spaceship, for the non-nerds that are unfamiliar with the term) in the early stages of its development

Vader has been Palpy's No. 2 for a long time now, doing mostly grunt works the old man doesn't want to dirty his hands on. This gives the black-armored asthma-ridden more-machine-than-man enforcer lots of experience on the field. With his trusty red lightsaber always at the holster, Vader is ready to show the people of this lovely country that with their combined strength, they can end the destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy!

I've had a chance to catch Vader at a press conference earlier this week, and when asked what he thought about his competitors, this is what he had to say:

Epic Win

General elections are coming closer, folks. It's time to make up your mind. Don't vote for anybody else. Vote for them.


Abel said...

Mottonya Vote or be Force Choked ya ?

dheaditya's said...

nice finishing touch, regeyy!

jadi 8 Juli kita mau vacation kemana?? *nah lho?!

Anonymous said...

"live long and prosper; or in your words.... good luck"

regi said...

@amel: ini star wars mel bukan star trek!!

abel said...

*heads asplode*

Bella Verita said...

ahahahahahahaha, Die Punjabis die!!!