Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Obsession: City Bloxx

Lately my eyes seems to be glued to my cellphone's LCD screen. Not because of Facebook (which is slowly gaining points in the boredomness meter) or Twitter (which is just plain stupid). But because of this very fun, requires-heavy-thinking, logic-building game called City Bloxx.

That may be an exaggeration on my part.

No exit option WTF!?

So basically the goal of the game is similar to Tower Bloxx, in which you have to place tower uh... blocks as straight as possible to the highest level without it falling. The better and straighter you build your tower, the more people are going to live in the building.

So much fun! /gay

There are four tower types, blue is the lowest and yellow is the highest level tower. After you build your tower, you place it in a 5x5 square field to make a city. You can't just place the towers wherever you want, careful planning and strategizing is needed (again, lebay) because the higher level towers needed certain colored towers placed beside it--for example, a blue tower is needed in the adjacent square before a red tower could be placed.

OMG so many colors to choose from!!1!

Jadi intinya, setiap gw nganggur, gw pasti ngeluarin handphone dan dengan sigap langsung menu>gallery>games>city bloxx dan kembali mengasah otak dengan permainan asah otak ini (?). Lagi nunggu makanan dateng gw maen, lagi di travel gw maen, lagi naracap gw maen, lagi bokerpun gw maen. Mungkin di angkot doang gw gak maen soalnya takut hapenya dicolong.

And yes, the game's title is one "x" away from being a porno.


Aya said...

cieh yang henponnya canggih sekarang

via said...

lame game hahahaha