Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guys+Small Bags=Eyebrows Raised

Yesterday I was hanging out with two of my old friends in the local coffee shop when something caught my sorry eyes.

There's this group of 17-18ish AGJs (no other word to describe it, really) walking to the exit, and the boys are carrying bags. Not just your ordinary backpacks, but these small, slightly-womanly, tas selempang-type bags.

So I asked my friends about it, and they said that it was the same question that they're going to ask.

I mean, what's the deal? It's totally understandable if it were women who are carrying small bags, they use it to put their wallet, handphone, perfume, cosmetics and other God-knows-what thingamajiggers, but boys? What could a human male possibly need to carry other than their wallet and cellphone?

Wallet on the right front or the butt-pocket, cellphone on the left front pocket, keys on the remaining pocket or you could just shove it anywhere.

That's it, right? Bet you those bags doesn't contain anything useful.

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Bella Verita said...

you're such a gay hater, you know that?! LOL